Oh this is great. Thank you, kid! :) I thought about this just yesterday. I used to work with his best friend. He told my husband to come over for dinner one night to meet me. He said we were going to play bridge. I told him I knew how to play, even though I didn’t. I went home and asked everyone I knew to teach me how to play bridge so I could make a good first impression. My friend taught me in a few hours and I went to dinner. After dinner and bridge, my husband Julian asked if I needed a ride home. He had a brand new Pontiac coupe. He took me home, asked me for another date, and asked to kiss me. I said no, but agreed to go out with him again. On the next date he kissed me right away, and said with a smile, “see what you have been missing.” I saw him once a week from then, and married two and half years later.

I am 101 Years Old. AMA.